Turkey- EU Financial Cooperation

Turkey- EU Financial Cooperation

The European Union provides help to the accession countries to cope with the technical and financial difficulties possible to arise during the harmonization process through several support tools and Community Programmes.  The number and the budget of the completed and on-going projects of the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock which have been carried out within the context of EU harmonization on the issues of veterinary, phytosanitary, fisheries, food safety, organic farming, rural development, statistics and land parcel identification system have been listed in Table 1.

Table 1: The number and the budget of the completed and on-going projects of the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock*

                                         EU Projects                                Budget  (€)  
MEDA Programme2002Completed110.123.0004.016.00014.139.000
Financial Assistance for Turkey2002-2006Completed17126.360.91534.857.805161.218.720


IPA II2014**Programming32.990.376996.7923.987.168





*Budgets of the projects are the ones indicated in the project fiches.

** Programming is continuing.


38 projects which have a budget of approximately EUR 236 Million have been completed in the period of 2002-2014, and the EU contribution to those projects is EUR 185,8 Million. 24 projects with a budget of EUR 122,7 Million are on application, contracting and implementation phase. ​

IPA II (2014- 2020)

After the completion of the 2007-2013 period of the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA) which is provided to the candidate and potential candidate countries for the structural reforms by the EU, the IPA II period has been started in 2014. New EU Regulations which define the legal framework of the IPA II period have entered into force. These are;

  • Regulation (EU) No 236/2014 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 11 March 2014 laying down common rules and procedures for the implementation of the Union's instrument for financing external action.
  • Regulation (EU) No 231/2014 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 11 March 2014 establishing an Instrument for Pre-accession Assistance (IPA II).
  • Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) No 447/2014 of 2 May 2014 on the specific rules for the implementation of the Regulation (EU) No 231/2014 of the European Parliament and of the Council establishing an Instrument for Pre-accession Assistance (IPA II).

In the Regulation No 236/2014, the aim of the IPA II is indicated as to support the political, institutional, legal, administrative, social and economic reforms for the alignment of the beneficiary country to the EU rules, standards and policies and to contribute the stability, security and welfare of those countries.

In the Regulation No 231/2014, it is stated that an IPA II Committee shall be established to assist the Commission with regard to all policy areas. Moreover, programming shall take place in accordance with Country Strategy Papers and the priorities indicated in these papers.

It is stated that, implementations will be carried out through direct, indirect and shared management in the IPA II period. As it is mentioned in IPA II IR No 447/2014, managing authorities in the beneficiary countries (NIPAC, NAO, operating structures) of IPA I period will continue the tasks of management, control, support, supervision, monitoring, evaluation, reporting and internal audit in the IPA II period. Furthermore, countries benefiting from indirect support are expected to submit an evaluation plan which includes evaluation activities.

Component structure applied in the IPA I period is abandoned in the new period, and policy areas and thematic priorities are created with the Regulation No 231/2014. Within this context, it is envisaged that the Ministry will carry out its tasks in two different areas in IPA II period. These are;

  • Reform preparations for the Membership and the Institutional Capacity Building;
  • Agriculture and Rural Development.

Moreover, there are two headings of thematic priorities which are directly related to the Ministry:

  • Contribution to the safety and security of the food supply and to the sustainability of the applicable agriculture systems;
  • Improving the ability of the agri-food sector in terms of coping with the competitive pressure and market factors; pursuing a balanced rural development which regards economic, social and environmental objectives, and gradually adapting to Union rules and standards.

Total IPA funds allocated in the Indicative Country Strategy Papers and Indicative Multi-Country Strategy Papers for the period of 2014-2020 is EUR 11.150,1 Million. Distribution of IPA II funds by country and the amount allocated to agriculture and rural development policy area is shown in Table 2. As it is seen in Table 2, the largest share of funds has allocated to Turkey with a total amount of approximately EUR 4,5 Billion.


Table 2: Distribution of IPA II funds by country and the amount allocated to agriculture


IPA Fund allocated to the agriculture and rural development

(Million Euro)

IPA Fund allocated to the agriculture and rural development in total


 Total IPA Fund

(Million Euro)

Multi-Country Programmes--2.958,6

Indicative Strategy Paper for Turkey (2014- 2020)

Country Indicative Strategy Papers (ISP) uses the political priorities set out in the enlargement policy framework to identify key areas where financial assistance is most needed and most useful. ISPs are multi-annual documents prepared by European Commission (EC). ISP can be also identified as the planning of the activities that is needed by the beneficial country to progress on the path to accession. 

ISP sets out the targets regarding financial assistance, the ways to achieve those aims and; tools and indicators used for measuring the progress. ISP is prepared by Directorate-General for Neighbourhood and Enlargement Negotiations (DG NEAR- EC) with the contributions of related EU Delegation and other DGs of EC. ISP for Turkey is prepared in close collaboration with our country.

Indicative Strategy Paper for Turkey (2014-2020) is adopted and published on 26th August 2014. Aforementioned document is available at http://ec.europa.eu/enlargement/pdf/key _documents/2014/20140919-csp-turkey.pdf .

The document sets out the priorities of the sectors in the Instrument for Pre-accession Assistance (IPA II). In the document, it is stated that the sectors and financial priorities in each sector is determined by EU and Turkey in line with political priorities in EU Enlargement Strategy and Commission's Annual Progress Report; and also Turkey's national policy and strategy is also taken into consideration. Within the scope of the document, nine sectors, one of which is "Agriculture and Rural Development", are included.

Under title "Agriculture and Rural Development" the budget allocated for 2014-2020 period is EUR 912,2 million. Allocation for Rural Development (IPARD II) and Institutional Capacity Building sub sectors are EUR 801 million and EUR 111,2 million, respectively.

Indicative Strategy Paper for Turkey, Institution and Capacity Building Sub-Sector-



Agriculture and Rural Development


  1. Turkey's alignment with and implementation of the Common Agricultural Policy,
  2. Building capacity in the IPARD managing authority, the IPARD agency and supporting institutions such as advisory services, as far as is necessary for IPARD II,
  3. Setting-up of EU-aligned agricultural support schemes and mechanisms, improving statistics,
  4. Improving the climate resilience of agricultural sector, organic farming control and certification systems,
  5. Introducing the Single Common Market Organisation (CMO) rules and standards,
  6. Increasing harmonisation with EU food quality policy, including an inspection system and aiming at increased stakeholder awareness.

Food Safety, Veterinary and Phytosanitary Policy

  1. Improving official checks on food and feed in terms of technical capacity (including risk assessment and risk communication) and infrastructure (including laboratories) as well as improving import control systems in terms of administrative capacity,
  2. Multi- country cooperation for the development of technical and administrative capacity for satisfying the requirements of the EU Food Law in the area of risk assessment (e.g. EFSA Pre-accession programme 2007-13), as well as the monitoring of zoonoses,
  3. Institutional and capacity building to prepare and implement a national programme to upgrade agri-food establishments,
  4. Developing a strategy for using non-compliant raw milk, and the monitoring of the strategy's implementation,
  5. Capacity building on animal health, animal welfare, animal by-products (collection, processing and use)  and zoonotic diseases,
  6. Improving the diagnostic and surveillance capacity with regards to animal diseases, in particular for transmissible spongiform encephalopathy (TSEs) and assisting further implementation of animal identification and registration systems,
  7. Institutional and capacity building in phytosanitary area particularly for authorising and controlling plant protection products,
  8. Improving knowledge of EU standards of relevant business and farming sectors.



  1. Preparing a strategy to increase alignment with the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) and strengthening institutional capacity and legal alignment for fisheries management to meet the requirements in the reformed CFP,
  2. Improving capacity for the conservation and the sustainability of fisheries resources, including resource and fleet management; eco-system based fisheries management and stronger enforcement,
  3. Preparation of the implementation of the fisheries common market organization,
  4. Increasing the stakeholder awareness and participation to ensure a smoother transition period in the EU alignment process,
  5. Complementariness of the above activities to assistance already programmed under IPA 2007-13, particularly on strengthening monitoring, surveillance and control, combating of IUU (Illegal, Unregulated and Unreported) fishing and data collection.


Indicative Strategy Paper for Turkey, Rural Development (IPARD II) Sub-Sector


Expected results are:

    • a group of modernised farms and agri-food enterprises that gradually meet EU standards;
    • increased investments in agriculture holdings;
    • increased investment in processing and marketing agricultural and fishery products;
    • improved diversification and development of rural economic activities;
    • capacity of the IPARD structures reinforced.


Actions to achieve these results include:

Increasing the capacity in the IPARD programme and supporting investments in physical assets in agricultural holdings, establishments processing and marketing agricultural and fishery products, farm diversification and business development.

Complementary activities may also include the preparation and implementation of local development strategies in line with the LEADER approach, agri-environment measures and organic farming, technical assistance and advisory services.

An appropriate balance must be struck between activities targeting alignment with the acquis and a broader socio-economic development of the sector. Complementarity between the IPARD programme and the national rural development policies will be ensured.​

EU Projects in the Context of IPA I (2007- 2013)

Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance is composed of Transition Assistance and Institution Building, Cross-border Cooperation, Regional Development, Human Resources Development and Rural Development components. Public agencies and institutions can benefit from the Transition Assistance and Institution Building component. The Ministry has too many projects regarding the alignment to EU acquis, and these projects are listed in Table 3.

In the first period of the IPA (2007-2013), EUR 165,7 Million (EUR 137,8 Million of EU contribution) is allocated for the institutional capacity building projects.

Table 3: Names and the budgets of the projects of the Ministry in IPA I.

Programming YearName of the ProjectTotal Budget (€)EU Contribution (€)Status
2007Plant Passport System and registration of Operators1.140.0001.105.000Completed
2007Technical Assistance for Introduction Of Stock Assessment to Fisheries Management System of Turkey2.200.0002.200.000Completed
2007Technical Assistance and Data Collection for Strengthening the Statistical Capacity of the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock (MoFAL)1.150.1501.100.150Completed
2007Capacity Strengthening and Support of Implementation of Nitrate Directive in Turkey6.765.0005.823.750Completed
2008Environment and Countryside under IPARD1.140.0001.055.000Completed
2008Technical Assistance for the Public Awareness Campaign and Coordination of Eartagging & Vaccinations Operations/Technical Assistance for Developing a Database for Identification and Registration of Ovine and Caprine Animals44.600.00034.530.000Completed
2009Extending the Pilot FADN Project and Ensure Sustainability1.450.0001.377.500Completed
2010Control and Eradication of Food and Mouth Disease in Turkey- Phase 27.812.6856.640.782Implementation Phase
2010Oral Vaccination Against Rabies in Turkey 2.200.0001.870.000Implementation Phase
2010Digitization of Land Parcel Identification System (LPIS) 46.200.00039.270.000Implementation Phase
2011Training Staff on IACS Procedure1.500.0001.350.000Tendering Phase
2012Electronic Identification and Registration of Sheep and Goats34.100.00028.900.000Implementation Phase
2013Sector Fiche of the Agriculture and Rural Development, Food and Feed Safety, and Fisheries15.468.00012.525.000Implementation Phase


  • 2013 Sector Fiche of the Agriculture and Rural Development, Food and Feed Safety, and Fisheries

Within the context of the 2013 programming, "Sector Fiche of the Agriculture and Rural Development, Food and Feed Safety, and Fisheries" has been prepared by the Ministry. Sector Fiche constitutes a basis for the Ministry in terms of transition to the sectoral approach. In line with that, the year of 2013 is indicated as a transition year by the EU, and instead of individual project applications, it is requested to submit a Sector Fiche that serves a common purpose and sector with integrity and consistency.

Accordingly, following measures have been developed within the context of the IPA sectoral support which aims to prepare Turkey for the implementation of the Common Agricultural Policy and Common Fisheries Policy and improve the level of food and feed safety to the EU standards.

Measure 1.1: Training of staff on the spot controls (OTSC), Risk Evaluation and IACS Software
Measure 2.1: Harmonization of Cross Compliance Rules
Measure 2.2: Capacity Building to converge Turkish agricultural system to the European greening agricultural rules and improving of the implementation of the EU's Nitrate Directive
Measure 3.1: Capacity Building Regarding Official Controls, Risk Communication and Risk Assessment, Animal Welfare, Zoonoses and Animal By-Product Management
Measure 4.1: Reinforcement of the Turkish Fisheries Management System


Total budget allocated for the aforementioned measures is 15.468.000 Euro with an EU contribution of 12.525.000 Euro.​

Completed Programs

  • MEDA Programme

MEDA II Programme covers between the years of 2000- 2006 and is a part of Euro-Mediterranean partnership. In the programming year of 2002, only one project has been completed within the context of the MEDA Programme (Table 4).

Table 4: Name and the Budget of the Project completed under MEDA Programme

Financial Cooperation YearName of the ProjectTotal Budget (€)EU Contribution (€)Turkish Contribution (€)Total
2002Support for the Food Inspection Services in Turkey14.139.00010.123.0004.016.000Completed


  • Financial Assistance for Turkey

After acquiring the status of "candidate country" in 1999, Turkey started to benefit from the EU funds under a single framework. Within this context, projects carried out by the Ministry between the years of 2002-2006 are listed in Table 5.

Table 5: Projects carried out by the Ministry within the context of Financial Assistance for Turkey (2002-2006)

Financial Cooperation YearName of the ProjectTotal Budget (€)EU Contribution (€)Turkish Contribution (€)Status
2002Support for the Alignment of Turkey with the EU Veterinary Acquis17.044.00013.333.0003.711.000Completed
2002An Institutional Twinning Programme to support Turkey's alignment to the EU Acquis in the phytosanitary sector5.313.0004.235.0001.078.000Completed
2003Fisheries sector - legal and institutional alignment to the EU acquis6.603.0006.169.000434.000Completed
2004Restructuring and strengthening of the food safety and control system in Turkey / Establishment of National Food Reference Laboratory10.700.0008.712.5001.987.500Completed
2004Strengthening The Ministries Of Health, Environment and Forestry, and Agriculture And Rural Affairs To Harmonise and Implement Legislation in the Field of Good Laboratory Practice for Non-Clinical Health and Environmental Protection1.500.0001.500.0000Completed
2004Technical Assistance for the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs for the alignment of organic agriculture legislation to the EU acquis and the development of organic agriculture in Turkey1.260.0001.172.50087.500Completed

Technical Assistance for the Ministry

of Agriculture and Rural Affairs for the design of a functioning Integrated Administration and Control System (IACS) and a Land Parcel Identification System (LPIS) in Turkey

2004Strengthening the administrative capacity for the effective implementation of Rural Development Plan1.000.0001.000.0000Completed
2004Strengthening The Capacity Of Turkish Ministries For Market Surveillance In Selected Areas (Market Surveillance Support On Fertilizers (MARA Fertilizers Project))578.420433.815144.605Completed
2005Establishing New Border Inspection Posts (BIPs)13.250.00010.000.0003.250.000Completed
2005Establishment of National Food Reference Laboratory6.399.0004.849.0001.550.000Completed
2005Control of Rabies Disease in Turkey11.884.5009.103.7502.780.750Completed
2005Establishment of an IPA Rural Development Agency                                                  5.199.0004.249.000950.000Completed
2006Technical Assistance to Avian Influenza Preparedness and Response Project in Turkey10.400.0008.350.0002.050.000Completed
2006Control of Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) in Turkey65.437.80049.078.35016.359.450Completed
2006Establishment of a Pilot Turkish Farm Accountancy Data Network (FADN)1.240.0001.080.000160.000Completed
2006Development of the Seed Sector in Turkey and Alignment to the EU2.335.0002.020.000315.000Completed ​

SEI/ESEI Projects

Support Activities to Strengthen the European Integration Process (SEI) is a financing tool under the first component of the IPA I (Transition Support and Institutional Capacity Building) and created with the aim of supporting the accession period. SEI is designated to eliminate the needs of the public agencies and institutions through providing short-term technical assistance on the issues of project preparation and acquis alignment. The Ministry for EU Affairs is responsible from the implementation of the SEI.

European Commission and the NIPAC (Ministry for EU Affairs) have decided to extend the SEI through which IPA funds up to EUR 3 Million could be used for the full-scale institutional building projects starting from the programming year of 2011. (Enhanced SEI- ESEI)

SEI/ESEI projects (completed and on-going) of the Ministry is listed in Table 6.

Table 6: SEI/ESEI projects (completed and on-going) of the Ministry

Name of the ProjectTotal Budget (€)EU Contribution (€)Turkish Contribution(€)Status
Preparation of the Terms of Reference for the Technical Assistance to the project entitled: "Introduction of Stock Assessment to the Fisheries Management System of Turkey."68.86661.9806.886Completed
Support of the Classification of Agri-Food Businesses in line with EU Legislation180.446162.40218.044Completed
Technical Assistance for Agriculture and Rural Development Support Institution of Turkey in the Accreditation Process For IPARD176.030158.42717.603Completed
Technical Assistance for Preparation of  the Supply Tender Documents and Technical Specification of the Monitoring and Data Collection System of the Agriculture and Rural Development Support Institution128.213115.39212.821Completed
Technical Assistance for the institutional analysis of publication/consulting services of IPARD Programme 109.60998.64910.960Completed
Support for the implementation of LEADER measure under IPARD250.000250.0000Completed
Support for the Preparation of Evaluation Strategy for IPARD Programme Evaluation115.100103.50311.510Completed
Providing compliance audit (pre-accreditation review) on behalf of the CAO and NAO of Turkey regarding IPARD accreditation255.467,27229.921,2725.546Completed
Detailed training for project analysis150.407135.36715.040Completed
Capacity building for extension/advisory services for IPARD250.000250.0000Completed
Institutional Capacity Improvement for LEADER Measure155.000139.50015.500Application Phase
Sector Analysis for IPARD300.000300.0000Implementation Phase
Technical Assistance for Technical Assessment on Development of Establishment of Phytosanitary Border Inspection Posts Final Report106.62095.95810.662Completed
Technical Assistance to Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock for Determination of the Needs of the Risk Assessment Department187.000168.30018.700Completed
Development of a Strategy to Implement EU Animal By-Products (ABP) Legislation in Turkey250.000250.0000Completed
Preparation of the Veterinary Strategy Document2.400.0002.160.000240.000Implementation Phase
Institutional Capacity Building for Fishery Producer Organisations1.000.000950.00050.000Completed
Capacity Building for the  preparation of an Impact Assessment for Decoupled Agricultural Support1.542.0001.387.800154.200Application Phase
Institutional Capacity Building of the MoFAL to Improve the FADN System and Producing Reliable Statistics3.000.0002.700.000300.000Application Phase
Further Enhancement of MoFAL Actions towards  the Nitrates Pollution Monitoring Network Expansion and CoGAP Application300.000300.0000Completed
Agricultural Implications for Ecosystem Based Adaptation (EBA) to Climate Change in Steppe Ecosystems2.610.000290.0002.900.000Application Phase