7.12.2015 / Gösterim Sayısı : 18910

Minister Çelik Attends "December 5, World Soil Day" Event

Minister Çelik attended the meeting held in the Ministry on the occasion of "World Soil Day" and underlined the importance of soil for human life.


Soil, with its full kindness, serves the humanity without expecting any return, Minister Çelik said. It gives food, fuel, medicinal products. However, we, all people, damage the soil.


Referring to the higher level of hunger and inadequate nutrition in the World, Minister Çelik underlined the importance of soil for supplying food for growing population. 


Minister Çelik also mentioned about soil information system, land reconsolidation studies, soil tillage techniques, preservation of fertile lands, food safety as well as action plans to be carried out in collaboration with the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization. 


Mr. Çelik completed his speech with the statement "Soil gives us its mercy, and we should give it our mercy." Following the speeches, Mr. Çelik and accompanying delegation visited the stands opened in the Ministry for the World Soil Day and photograph exhibition titled "Agriculture and People".