Poultry Breeding

Poultry Breeding

Overall Situation of Poultry Breeding in Turkey and the World

Broiler Breeding

​Broiler breeding has a special importance in animal husbandry sector. The reasons are as follows: The production period is short. Intensive production methods are carried out within unit area. The transformation rate of feed into meat is high. Labor force is lower than other agricultural enterprises.  Chicken meat is cheaper than red meat. The cholesterol and fat content of white meat is low. It is easily digestible, an important source of protein in terms of nutritive value. 

The Process for Broiler Breeding 

Broiler breeder begins production process by signing a contract with integrated firms which are active in the market or the breeder can carry out breeding activities independently. If the breeder begins the production on his own, he gets in touch with several firms for health conditions, transportation, packaging, marketing, slaughterhouses, feed, chick, medicines, equipment, etc. This system is hard and exhaustive. If the breeder begins the production period by signing contract with integrated firms, all the procedures mentioned before are undertaken by the firms. The breeder only deals with nursing and administration process for the chicks beginning from hatching phase to slaughtering.