Fish for your Diet

What fish is in season?

​As you could not find all fish species in a specific season, each fish has a various catching season and becomes more tasteful in a specific time. Here is a list showing when each fish is at its best and most abundant.




Mackerel, blue fish, bonito and horse mackerel species taste delicious. Grey mullet and anchovy are fatty in this season. Small bluefish, large bluefish, haddock, red mullet and gurnard species are caught abundantly. Gold fish, swordfish and common sea bream are caught rarely.




Season of turbot starts in February and continues till the end of May. Red mullet is seen abundantly. Mackerel, bluefish and bonito start to lose fat. Silverside and grey mullet taste delicious.




Grey mullet, sea bass and turbot are at their best in this season. Since mackerel becomes lean, it can be fried or consumed as salad. Silverside is found abundantly. Since bluefish and bonito lose fat, these species can only be fried or consumed as salad. Grilling is better for large bluefish. Red mullet tastes delicious.



This is the season for turbot. Moreover, you can find common sea bream, sea bass, swordfish and gurnard abundantly. However, swordfish does not taste very good. Silverside, grey mullet, haddock, red mullet and gold fish are caught abundantly. Meager is seen in this month.



Sea bass, gold fish, sole fish, red mullet, swordfish and scorpion fish are eaten tastefully. Mackerel, Atlantic bonito, bonito, anchovy and horse mackerel have lost fat. Grey mullet is delicious.



Fish species are rarely caught in June. Since bottom fish have spawned, they swim scattered. For this reason, June is not fruitful for fishery.  Red mullet, gold fish, common sea bream, sea bass and meager can also be found.



Pilchard starts to be seen in this season and continues to be tasteful till the middle of October. Horse mackerel and mackerel are suitable for frying and boiling. Red mullet and gold fish taste delicious, but grey mullet does not.



Baby bonito season starts. It is nearly as long as mackerel or just a little longer. This is the most delicious season for pilchard. On the other hand, swordfish is so delicious in August. However, grey mullet should not be preferred.



Pilchard and swordfish taste delicious. Bonito grows large and suitable for all kinds of cooking. Horse mackerel and gurnard are found abundantly.



This is the season for migratory fish species to migrate Marmara from Black Sea. For this reason, fish species are seen abundantly. Mackerel is seen early in the season. Bluefish gains its full taste and horse mackerel becomes fatty. Bonito is caught abundantly. Red mullet, gold fish, swordfish, sea bass, common sea bream, pilchard, meager, Atlantic bonito are also seen.



This is the best time for Mackerel. Atlantic bonito flow starts. Mud-fish is most delicious in this season. Fish species caught abundantly and taste delicious in October can also be found in November.



Since Mackerel, bluefish, bonito and Atlantic bonito are fatty in this season; these species can be cooked all the way. Anchovy is delicious. Red mullet is caught abundantly.