Organic Farming Support

Third Category

​A support payment of 135 TL/da will be made for the environment-friendly farming and culture techniques.

Agricultural credits with interest rate cut

​Cabinet Decision and Communique on procedures and principles for providing credit are published in the Official Gazette each year. 

Farmers making organic production could receive credits with 50 % interest rate cut through Ziraat Bank.   In order to benefit from these credits, farmers should apply the nearest branch of Ziraat Bank with the documents taken from Authorized Organizations, which prove their organic production activities. 

With the Cabinet Decision dated February 25th, 2004, which enables the farmers to receive selective credits with low interest rates, entrepreneurs producing organic agricultural products and inputs could use one-year-term working capital loans and 3-year-term investment loans with 60 % interest rate cut.  First issued for one year, this decision was changed later, extending the terms of loans as eighteen months for working capital loans and 5 years for investment loans between 2004 and 2011.  The provision of selective credits with low interest rate covered the entrepreneurs both making organic agricultural production and producing organic inputs.

Supports also continued in 2012. The credits should be repaid within 18 months for working capital loans and 7 years for investment loans.

Area-based supports in organic farming

​Producers making production under Organic Farming are provided with the following support payments by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock;


• According to the Decision No. 2012/3106 on Agricultural Supports of 2012 and the Notification No. 2012/60 on Support Payments for Organic Farming;

35 TL/decare for fruits and vegetables and 10 TL/decare for field crops,  

•According to the Notification No. 2012/60 on Additional Support Payments for Organic Animal Husbandry;

In addition to supports paid for animal husbandry, 50% support payments for organic farming to the farmers making organic animal production in livestock sector, sheep and goat sector, beekeeping and aquaculture sector.