4.6.2018 / Gösterim Sayısı : 1386

Those who added value to agriculture were awarded…

#Tarıma Değer Katanlar Ödül Töreni #Tarıma Değer Katanlar Ödül Töreni

Having pointed out that "A country without its food cannot be independent" H. E. Mr. Ahmet Eşref Fakıbaba, the Minister of Food, Agriculture and Livestock has noted that "Training, Research & Development and innovation are of crucial importance as far as the food production is concerned".

"Award Ceremony for Those Who Added Value to Agriculture" which has been organized to unearth the publishing staff making difference as a result of their work in their locality, to have everyone informed about this work and benefited from it, to strengthen motivation thanks to rewarding of this work and to emphasize the importance of agricultural publication was held in the premises of the Ministry.

On the occasion of the ceremony, in his speech, the Minister Fakıbaba congratulated the belated Mother's Day of the staff and the May 14, the World Farmers' Day of the producers.

Having pointed out that "A country without its own food cannot be independent" the Minister Fakıbaba has noted that "Training, Research & Development and innovation are of crucial importance as far as the food production is concerned".

Having mentioned about the importance of training and work, the Minister Fakıbaba has stated that during his visit to Bigadiç, a district of Balıkesir Province, a female animal breeder told him that she had treated her sick heifer herself, yet the Minister has noted that in such a case veterinarians should come to the aid of the producers.

Having stressed that unless the producer families are not subjected to monitoring of veterinarians, no progress can be made, the Minister Fakıbaba expressed that it is required to reach veterinarians handily when the animals get sick.  

The Minister Fakıbaba, spoke as "We are fulfilling our duties. On February 9, we have entered into correspondence with relevant institutions for the employment of 10,551 staff including agricultural engineers, veterinarians, and food engineers in the Ministry. Whatever I say is true. I do not tell lies by Allah's leave.  We have sent a letter once again; we will follow the subject.

Having stated that his staff should focus on the target The Minister Fakıbaba spoke as "My Ministry should hit the top."


The number of stores selling the meat supplied by ESK has been increased up to three

Having drawn the attention to the support given to agriculture in 16 years totals 120 billion TL, The Minister Fakıbaba spoke as:

"We have $ 13 billion worth of imports in return for $ 17 billion worth of exports, and from time to time the opposition says: "Meat and hays are imported." It is natural that the opposition says this.  But, what is important for us is to have a clean conscience. We have 1 million 350 thousand tons of meat consumption but we do not even import 100 thousand tons of meat. Currently, there is a problem for concentrate feed due to increase in the dollar. We will work on this with our friends today and I will submit it to H. E. Mr. Prime Minister."
Having recalled that the Meat and Milk Board (ESK) provided meat to 2 market chains in order to regulate the market, the Minister Fakıbaka has noted that the number of stores increased from 3 to 15 and the number of branches increased from 13 to 15 as of yesterday.

Across Turkey, the contest in which the works of staff of the provincial and district directorates of the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock were shown candidates was organized under the categories of "Individual Works" and "Female and Male Publishers".

A total of 52 candidate projects or persons participated in the contest, 8 of which participated in the category of female publishers, 16 of which in the category of male publishers and 28 of which in the projects category.

During the ceremony, the members of the jury were awarded with a certificate of appreciation, and 16 projects and 21 publishing staff in 14 categories were granted awards.