10.5.2016 / Gösterim Sayısı : 5832

Director General Dr.Nevzat Birişik Visits International Centre for Livestock Research and Training

#Genel Müdür Lalahan

Director General Dr. Nevzat Birişik has started his institute visits. In this context, Director General Birişik made a visit to the International Centre for Livestock Research and Training on May 8, 2016, also making an extensive tour to the facilities of the Centre and getting information from the experts.

Deputy Director General Dr. Necati Tulgar, Head of Department of Livestock and Aquaculture Research Dr. Ali Ayar, Head of Department of Administrative Affairs and Co-ordination Assoc. Prof. Dr. Cengizhan Mızrak along with Coordinator of Large Ruminant Animal Research Division Önder Sözen, Coordinator of  Small Ruminant Animal Research Division Assoc. Prof. Dr. İrfan Daşkıran and Coordinator of Animal Genetic Resources A. Oya Akın accompanied Director General Birişik through his visits. 

Following the welcoming ceremony, Institute Director Muharrem Satılmış gave a briefing on recent activities, project, budget and personnel status of the institute in the meeting hall, also with the attendance of institute management and experts. Furthermore, additional information on Project approved by the Ministry of Development on transformation of the Institute into International Centre for Livestock Research and Training was also shared in the meeting.

Director General Dr. Nevzat Birişik shared his relevant considerations and expectations in his speech addressing the research personnel ensuing the briefing. Technical personnel of the Institute introduced themselves in the meeting and shared information on their individual area of focus. Director General Dr. Birişik also visited  institute estate and laboratories in the afternoon. Delegate came together again for a final evaluation  at the end of the program.