7.10.2016 / Gösterim Sayısı : 5040

Dırector General Dr.Nevzat Birişik Vısıted Dırectorate Of Plant Protectıon Central Research Instıtute In The Scope Of Instıtute Vısıts


Director General of GDAR Dr. Nevzat BIRIŞIK visited Directorate of Plant Protection Central Research Instıtute in the context of his institute visits on October 4, 2016.

Deputy Director General Dr. Necati TULGAR, Head of Department of Plant Health Research Dr. Suat KAYMAK, other Heads of Department of GDAR and Coordinators accompanied Director General BIRIŞIK through his visits. 

Following the welcoming ceremony, Institute Assistant Manager Dr. Ayşe ÖZDEM gave a briefing on recent activities, project, budget and personnel status of the institute in the meeting hall, also with the attendance of institute administators and experts.

Director General Dr. Nevzat BIRIŞIK shared his relevant considerations and expectations in his speech addressing the research personnel ensuing the briefing. Technical personnel of the Institute introduced themselves in the meeting and shared information on their individual area of focus.

Director General Dr. Nevzat BIRIŞIK also visited institute laboratories and then completed his visit.