GAP Projects

Activities Conducted with the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization

​In accordance with the Article 9 of the Environment Law No.2872, Environmental Protection Board of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry prepared management plans in the “Special Environmental Protection Areas”. Good Agricultural Practices were also covered in these plans.

Following the discussions between the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock and the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, it has been decided to carry out the activities under the scope of a protocol, in order to promote cooperation in agricultural practices defined in the management plans for “Special Environmental Protection Areas” and to increase collaboration in achieving joint objectives and public resources.

With the activities to be carried out under the protocol to be prepared and signed by the Parties, it is aimed to protect environment and to provide sustainable development in “Special Environmental Protection Areas”.

Project on the Expansion and Control of Good Agricultural Practices and Organic Farming

​Aim of the Project:

​The Project aims at the expansion and control of good agricultural practices (GAP) in Turkey. GAP is an agricultural production method allowing traceability, sustainability and food safety in agriculture without harming the human health, animal health and environment. Fruit and vegetable products which are subject to international trade and which are certified with Good Agricultural Practices are preferred by the consumers especially through European Union Countries. For the expansion of good agricultural practices, it is aimed to provide safe food for consumers and to increase the export of fresh fruits and vegetables of Turkey. 

This Project will provide the implementation of good agricultural practices in 13 provinces, in fruits (citrus fruits, cherry, hazelnut, fig, grape and apple) and vegetables (onion, tomato, pepper, lettuce and cucumber) which are of great importance for the export of Turkey. The practices will also include training, extension and demonstration activities.  In order to raise the awareness of producers on good agricultural practices, training and extension activities will be carried out and consultancy supports will be provided. The Project plans to expand good agricultural practices first in fruits and vegetables produced more. With the experience gained thereof, it is aimed to expand good agricultural practices throughout Turkey.

Development of Cross Compliance in Turkish Agricultural Production

​Aim of the Project:


The Project aims at the determination of Legal Administrative Conditions for Turkey, determination of conditions for good agricultural practices and environment, increasing the knowledge, skill and implementation capacity of ones to take part in the creation and sustainability of cross compliance standards, and creation of implementation plans for cross compliance standards.

Project Beneficiaries:

1. Republic of Turkey, Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock

2. Republic of Turkey, Ministry of Environment and Urbanization